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  1. Yupp ^o^ My aunt had given me $100 for my birthday, and so I bought soooo many things. She was like "@_@" hahaha
  2. i kno soo if we take $100 usd its like 650-700 dollars over there
  3. Haha, it's I think closer to 6.5 now, cuz it's going down, but it's still really good for U.S. people~ keke For example, my breakfast usually costed equal to $1 USD kekeke
  4. i kno $1 is $7 there. soooooo much stuff to buy. so cheap if u us money
  5. It was so much fun! And everything was so CHEAP! hahaha I bought so much random stuff ^o^
  6. im good a little bored, thats cool. was it fun? ^_^
  7. I'm good, thanks, and you? ^^ I got back from China recently!
  8. hey wats up? its bin a while..............hope your good.....
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