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  1. wtf

    Apparently I'm a hacker now.

    [so kids,you gotta pull better pranks on people these days]
  2. Ah,okay. I'm not that into educational games,by the way.
  3. Well, it still is kinda, but not all the way.
  4. Way easier to remember now! Thank you! (and not education anymore,isn't it?)
  5. Here is the name of it right now.
  6. Sorry sorry sorry sorry![was on Ver]

    That's great. I'd be looking forward to your new website.
  7. Okay, well, i am going to go delete it now, i will be giving you the url of the new one once i make it.
  8. I don't,because after I bookmark a page I have difficulty finding my bookmarks page. So I don't really do bookmarks.
  9. Yeah, the URL though is a pain to remember, i have it bookmarked though.
  10. Ah,I see. It is a hard name to remember,I have to agree on that. (like right now I only remember that sonix is in there or something)
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