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  1. No, umm... when you hit the subject, do you see a post created by me?
  2. I can't find it. Maybe I need to download something...?
  3. First, you click the subject name, then, there will be a button saying new post, you click that and then you can talk.
  4. (I meant this: ) I can't find the reply button or box. I tried clicking everything,maybe I'm clicking the wrong things?
  5. Go to the message board link, and talk about one of the subjects there, i will also be making a Random talk thing soon.
  6. I have to say...I'm not sure how you reply to messages on your site...

    EDIT: (reply to your message) Wow,that's nice!
  7. It depends on what the server has, i can get through almost everything the system has.
  8. Oh,I understand. (but that doesn't apply to me)

    I was thinking about your idea about hacking the school server. I think you should yet I think you shouldn't. You should because we all want you back on Verpets(maybe not all,but all your friends do). You shouldn't because it's a possibility that you could get caught,and I don't want that to happen. (I'm not sure if you even know how to hack the school's server. Well,I don't and I don't know anyone that could)
  9. Yeah, but what i mean by girl is that girls seem react more emotionally than guys do.
  10. I don't know how that could've offended me... I was 12 last year. I think I was pretty understandable,right?
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