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  1. Well, she is young, i think like 12, and she is a girl, no offense to you in any way.
  2. She doesn't understand me. All I did was tell her not to mod me. And she's making a big fuss about that?
  3. No, i don't think she is a rumor spreader. she is just angry is all.
  4. Actually,I just joined and it required an email!

    You have a point. She is talking about both you and me. (what if she's a rumor spreader!?)
  5. Yeah, i am going to fix that up once i figure out how to put firewalls up, hey, Burpunny can join my site, i don't think it needs you to have an Email.
  6. Looks awesome! I totally love the colours!

    Education website? Heh heh.
  7. You do realize she could also be talking about me, right?
  8. Okay, the website is called, it is an awesome site.
  9. Show me! I wanna see it! (message is always too short. )
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