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  1. dont worry about everyone was late it happens
    that how it mostly goes
  2. oh ok ^____^
    thanks alot for the help
    sorry for such a late reply ^^
  3. WEll in this case noob are begginer it a short way to say it like newbie in ohter words it mean you started sonmething for the first time...

    I don't mind helping out it alright to ask cause when i first got on this I was like what is this
  4. n______n
    hey whats noobs ????????
    n i did needed help =)
  5. Yeah, yeah Np noobs like you need the help........................
  6. really =)
    thanks to u n_n
    other wise never would have got it
  7. Awesome u got it better then me at my first try....
  8. Thanks you sooooooooooooooooooooo much
  9. Okay go to your private message after that look to your left scroll down slowly to see Edit your avater pick that and you get a list of different anime
  10. Hey help needed !!!!!!!
    how to add a pic on this question mark ????
    the one on the left
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