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  1. Your welcome
  2. Thank you so very much from your help once again ^^ Now I found it xD
  3. You are most welcome ^^ I need to find where I can send you a friend invite xD
  4. Your welcome and thanks for the add.
  5. Thank you so very much for your help! I really appreciate it ^^
  6. Your welcome,Trunks is my favorite Sure, just go to User CP on the top of the screen and Edit avater...
  7. Hi there *wave* Thank you so much for visiting my page ^__^ (It's really empty tough because I'm new here ^^; )

    I agree! DBZ is the best anime what I have ever seen!
    Mmmm... Could you tell me how I can add a pick/avatar to myself?
    Thank you! ^^
  8. Awesome DBZ is cool...oh,hi. I saw your profile.
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