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  1. Dude if you only knew the way i think ask my girl(Yes my girlfriend) Yuiko13 she'll tell you i come up wit some crazy stuff in like 0.2 seconds ifi feel like it lol
  2. i don't made a character for bleach but i have made 1 character at naruto character made it really true you came out with the idea in 0.2 seconds...that's nearly impossible...
  3. Lol!she has the apperance of a normal human silly and she's a DEMON lol but thanks can you believe i can i came up with that character in like 0.2 seconds lol did you make a character?
  4. hey i have read it...something funny about her is she can dance and sing too...i never seen a cat dancing and singing should put it on its abilities...just kidding...overall cool character...
  5. Lol right hey check out the Make your own Bleach Character post and check out the one i created
  6. lol thank u for the add and thankx i hope so too fiqx
  7. hey...victoria how r u doing...thanks 4 be my friend...hope can be best friend...
  8. Hey i'm kinda new so just lookin for friends and u seem cool ^.^ aorry if i sound school-girly
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