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  1. oh my i was too i had to stop for 6 months i couldn't think of anything creative but i wanna make some new ideas

    i hope you have luck and find the spark to overcome the block
  2. awesome to hear all is good then!^_^ I think..I'm out of an art 'block' I guess. Can't seem to pull off any good sigs lately >___> been going through the gallery for inspiration xD
  3. yes i just got back into it, i was stuck in depression and now i've never felt better; reborn
  4. haven't seen you around the forums for a while! How you doing? still doing the graphics?
  5. Hahaha here its about being stupid and retro so we go to disco bars ( we don't dress disco thou ) and act stupid.

    Disco disco!!! :P
  6. yeah parties are awesome. Had a field trip at Uni. The research stations was just down the road from the pub - guess where we spent the evenings LOL
  7. I don't mind exams or hard work at all and programming and psychology aren't that hard lol its pretty fun actually, plus the parties oh man college will be a blast!

  8. ahh I see, I guess we sort of have it here too. ahh programming and psychology sounds complicated! LOL but yeah college is a blast! Until you come up to exams XD nah it's awesome!
  9. I'm not big on universities they are just the " name brands " of the college world I'm going to a community college for most of my credits then transferring to a university for the nice name brand certificate of sexiness ( hahaha )

    I'm going to be studying programming ( major ), psychology ( minor )

    Can't wait college will be a blast! ^_^
  10. wow college! What are you studying? ( college lol)
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