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  1. lol, well for me Photoshop & Corel are essential, coz I knew a graphics designer who uses them effectively(just these 2), & if you try the new Corel Graphics suite you'll find that it got good zooming w/c I can edit every pixel using it
  2. I wouldn't say Corel is better than GIMP but has more uses at the moment. If you don't have money than GIMP is your choice and if you have money Photoshop is your choice never Corel lol its just one of the other programs out there, its ok.
  3. Well, I guess photoshop & Corel Suite are the best graphics programs available, well thnx again, well I got an experience of more than 10 years on using computers but asking is not bad right?
  4. Wel good luck on that, btw do you know any other designing/graphics programs except photoshop?
  5. Well I am going to be in a computer admin

    So thanks for the compliment.
  6. Hey! Thnx for the help! I see that you're good using computers
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