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  1. I miss you.
    && I hope you are doing well.
    Next time we talk, I promise I will have a lot of stories to tell you. =)
    byee tc <3
  2. It's been awhile since I last talked to you, but I'm sorry!
    So, how are you?
  3. Hey bum gonna check me out but not drop me a line!? lol I'm gonna need you to say somethin!
  4. haha hows college lifee? & you should if you get the chance =p
  5. yea its been a long time i might jump on msn soon one day. studying for all these tests! argggg lol
  6. hey i havent talked to you in forever haha, hows it going? ^^
  7. tbh, amazing doing great atm how about you? ^^ good I'm guessing?
  8. i'm shootin for the stars i'm gonna be the sun. how have you been?
  9. Haha, nice, well do whatever it takes to be an overachiever. Seeya :]
  10. straight a's is underachieving lol i finally understand what 110% means.
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