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  1. wow that's weird, i know i wrote u offline message lol
    and ill pm it to you (:
  2. no i didn't get any message, so whats the new email?
  3. lol because i got a new msn email, i just got tired of my old one
    didnt you get my message?
  4. So why aren't on msn anymore?

    coco for coconuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. lol awh poor freshmans.
    I would hate to be a freshman in your school x.x
  6. we kinda hit them with rotten eggs, baby powder, paint, and much more.

    our school has the smallest freshmen you can ever find.
  7. lol sounds cruel... what did you guys do to them? xD
    && ofc im nice, you should know that by noww! (:
  8. we weren't too rowdy but we did teach the freshmens a lesson.

    you're too nice :P
  9. awh thats really good
    haha nahh im gonna be a nice senior~
    i feel like freshmans have it bad as it is lol.
    but what was your senior year likee?
  10. college is pretty tough but i've been feelin better and better each day.

    senoirrrr! hahaha gonna pick on the freshmens?
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