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  1. Baaaaad dude. ((:
  2. Yea lets just say most of my slang dictionary is about weed lol.
  3. Uh yeah, awesome. I always wanted to know what "gold digger" means, and I was too lazy too find out.
    Not all new, "cool" btw is used pretty much the same in German.
    Quite a bunch of words for being on drugs.
  4. Well when you get a girl we call it scoring or winning. Airhead is a person with no brain (dumb). Bombed = swamped with work. Break = time off. Bummer = a disappointment. Copped or to cop = stolen. Con = deceive. Cool = awesome. Wack = lame. Couch potato = lazy person. Gold digger = a woman who marries rich men. Skank or Tramp = a whorish woman. Dork = werido. High & Baked & Destroyed & Wacked & Zoned & Stoned = on drugs.
  5. Anything useful. <:
    Like, awesome phrases or words for everyday's things like noggin for instance.
    You're the expert. :P
  6. Well what would you like to learn exactly? There's a lot of slang lol :P
  7. Actually I'm from Austria, Vienna to be exact. That's the tiny little country south to Germany. But we also speak German here.

    Yeah, I had to look that one up. I's first searching for nogging but that was completely the wrong thing to do, so I was a little confused. I then found a wikipedia entry though. Gotta love wikipedia.
    And alright, you're my teach from now on. :P
  8. Oh your German? Lol I can teach you a lot of American slang my friend was amazed when I taught him (he's also from Germany Frankfurt to be exact).

    And yes noggin means head.
  9. Adolescence is a b*tch.

    Btw noggin, awesome word! Just to be on the safe site, it is a slang expression for head, isn't it?
    I love learning new words. German doesn't have so many awesome slang expressions. :>
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