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  1. Usually I am, why do you think that?

    I'd guess the same for you too? :O
  2. Or when your not busy? o_O Something tells me your a weekend guy.
  3. Oh man that sucks well have fun in prison !

    Lol well always talk on AO ;O
  4. I can't download; these computers delete everything once you turn them on. God only knows how many times I've downloaded Flash. I gave up on that a long time ago.

    BTW. I said it was a Quick flash. I was typing to you, and all the sudden it happened, so I thought I put it in for flavor. Can you blame me? Hush~~

    And if I get caught on IM, I get in trouble. Didn't I tell you I was in babies mini crib like Jail? I am doing time man. Not literally, but it would explain why I am online again, and active. I think I could play it off too. Just back in the slammer just talking to all my old Animeonline Pals`

    You know that's creative, people would eat that up`~
  5. Wow that was a mouthful!? Ah if you don't want to use a proxy site download Ultrasurf it is pretty handy dandy.

    It will even maybe unban your MSN issue because it uses a proxy for your entire connection instead of just your browser I'm not too sure thou

    Life is entertaining with you around heh!
  6. Quick flash;

    I just heard this absurd ringing in my right ear. That brings me back to that stupid ring tone. My teacher can't hear it cause he's to old, but man it's above annoying. I was sitting upstairs once in class studing, and this dork just turned it on. I felt like a animal. Greg's and I head's popped up, and he stormed down stairs and punched Morgan. I mean it's stuff like that.

    Oh oh ~ no I didn't misread that first part. Happy Day of life. 18 eh? Everything is just about to be Legal. At least you are; It's was a Joke Laugh! Kidding.

    You see since I am here. I don't believe I can use msn. Let me see. [ Goes to figure out ] You see the women's dorm banned it. I am like the bimbo of proxy sites now.

    Sorry to hear about your Job, but I am pretty sure you make your life somewhat entertaining.
  7. Sounds cool my job is pretty lame I work at a store selling junk hahaha I only have fun when people actually come in!!! !

    We can talk on MSN later about all the details of what is your "boring" life cause I'm sure its not
  8. All brag points aside. I am just in school~ Nothing huge, nothing grand. I turned down a few Jobs, but now I realize it be best just to grab one and take it. I will be going to work for SGS Labortories. Sadly. I really wanted to be a Water Operator, but I failed my test by 5 points, so I'll retake later [July]. Not much drama on myself. I just stressing about the future. I won't get into much. Cause it's BORING. VERY BORING! But I am getting paid so money always makes it feel BETTER. I hope my horns weren't showing there.

    My List: Non Smoker, Non Drinker, GED. XD Place for Vacation: Wash. DC.

    Off to go shopping. It makes me HAPPY!
  9. I changed quite a bit I can't really say all the new things lol.

    I'm 18 now bday was on the second, I'm open about me smokin mary jane, got a job, graduated high school basically, college and I'm going to Europe again for the second time this summer (Germany, France, Amsterdam, Austria, London, Italy and maybe a few other places) and Japan for the winter.

    A lot has changed for me, whats up with you?
  10. Who me? Nope, got the wrong person. I was just being a pain that's all.

    What's new if you don't mind me asking

    <o.o>/ Off on a Trip real soon. >.>
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