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  1. thats what someone does when they have no clue how to fix the pain and i have no gf right now just a few lookie loos.
  2. yeah me too he is an asshole and he didn't care if i was in pain if i said that i am in pain he just acted like he don't care and i hope i do too and who is your lucky girlfriend
  3. He sounds like an immature asshole, I hope you feel better and find someone soon.
  4. yeah i know it does and i hate being single he is a jerk he cheated on me twice
  5. That really bites... you need to get one of your guy friends to beat him up ! Teach him a lesson.
  6. that's nice my boy friend just broke up with me today he was cheating on me
  7. i'm gonna be workin sonics.

    bankin means gettin cash.
  8. that's nice you got a job where do you work at? what did you mean when you said that you bout to be Bankin!
  9. nothing much just got a job

    bout to be bankin!
  10. hey whats up???????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????
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