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  1. okay i will tell you when i am done.............................................. .. with the poem
  2. ok sounds good, just hit me up when your done so i can go read it.
  3. if you want me to write a poem on AO i will but i got to write it down on paper first it will take awhile for me to think of what to write
  4. you shouldn't give up before you even try, you might be surprised.
  5. yeah me too and no i have not wrote any poems on AO because i suck at poems lol
  6. yup i heard PA is 8 hours away and i think ohio is closer.

    have you wrote any poems on AO yet?
  7. okay i will i think my poems suck 2 states away is not bad
  8. give me some pointers sometime then.

    ohio is 2 states away.
  9. your welcome, I'm not good at writing poems how far is north carolina from Ohio
  10. thanks, i'm still new to writing poems lol.

    i live in north carolina.
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