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  1. yea my boss is a dick too but thats how they are supposed to be ;/

    i've been much better can't wait for college only 5 more days!!

    take some new pics i'm gonna upload some new ones soon
  2. Happy New Years to you too! My new boss is driving me crazy. Haha Hows things going with you?
  3. hey zev happy new years!!! how have you been lately?
  4. I just got back from Cali not to long ago, visiting family. College registration starts soon !
  5. Just been working, shopping and sleeping. lol What have you been up too?
  6. Hey Zev how have you been lately? Long time no talk thought I'd drop a line.
  7. I've been busy with college and my band. Plus I've been getting sick a lot v_V!
  8. Long time no see, have you been busy lately or something?
  9. Sounds like someone is being sarcastic

    And thanks I love it when I'm a man.
  10. I saw some sleeping pills in this magazine I was reading, they were suppose to be non-habit forming. I was going to try them out, because sleeping would just be great. But way to be a man! And just tough it out.
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