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  1. Sorry I'm So Late In Replying. The Last Of The State Tests (Math Today) Finally Finished.
    So Glad xD
    So... Umm... What Were We Talking About Again? xD Haha
  2. what are for u state test? well it's typical for teachers-.- sometimes i think they love it to torture us with school ;D
    but now holidays YEAAAAH and for u? learning? good luck
  3. >.< Sorry To Reply So Late. The State Tests Are Coming Up For Me. OMGGG. The Teachers Pressure Us Too Much. LOLL.
    So How's Life?
  4. ;D i know that problem -.- just annoying, well at the moment my exams are coming up -.-
  5. I'm Doing Great, But Homework's Piling Up -__-
    How's You ^^?
  6. yeah i agree that is the best how are u doing? and ur weekend?
  7. LOL. IKR.
    Comedies Are Funny.
    I Like How The Character's Expressions Are Exaggerated.. LOL
  8. well i really love love stories with comedy it is the best ad when the drawings are adapted to teh comedy situations
  9. Yep, Fantasy And Romance Mostly, But Humor/ Comedy Cannot Be Missed~
    Right? xD
  10. same like me genre u prefer will be romance and also fantasy?
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