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  1. oh, i see . . . hmm . . . then, did you watch winter sonata? i saw the animation on animax.
  2. nope not watch dramas here i'd like to watch korean and japanese dramas next to reading mangas and watching animes
  3. Dramas? what dramas? :S where can you watch dramas on AO?
  4. ohh well it is the average of the marks in the subjects when u do ur a levels but let's forget it
    i'm back from my holidays and have to make up fr the time when i was not able to be online here and watch dramas...
  5. um, lets see . . . all the test result are added before the day you get to see your position. so lets say you go a 100 out of 6 tests, okay? so then its divide by 5, so your average test mark is 20! its something like that anyway :-|: . hmm . . .so, how was your day ?
  6. ohh that is not good... ah i want to eat white crisp chocolate
    what do u mean by positions??
  7. not much. i felt a bit deprived of sweets cause my sugar level went too high so mom took 'em away from me :0-3 i came third in class though ;0 do they have positions and what not in your country?
  8. yeeeeah and now holidays YAAAY i'm sixteen
    what are u doing?
  9. thats nice! that means you get to relax, doesn't it? i'm nineteen.
  10. waah that took a long time :O everything is fine and relaxed now?
    i'm doing fine, just finished my last tests befoe the holidays start this fr !
    how old are u?
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