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  1. heey how are u? what i sgoing on?
  2. Their from Ireland they did do it last year and got 8th.. We probably won't make it to the finals because Spain and Italy are voting and what does Ireland have in common with them xD? And yeah they got pretty popular, and they are singing for Ireland again. We clearly are trying to win off looks alone.. It's the #1 Strategy! > Plus the song is kinda catchy
  3. well i do not know it, wait i will try it
    yeah that's true. hm i would say i have heard the name somewhere, well who was it last time? they were pretty famous or was it denmark?
  4. Hehe my favorite song at the moment is Robyn - Call your girlfriend xD It's really really cool!
    Eurovision is soon Ireland just choose it's contestant recently, ever heard of Jedward? I think their cute
  5. yeah well i liek more Rnb and hip hop music like from t.pain an lil wayne
    well oeky my fave song at the moment are from the korean biyband ss501 and from kim hyun joong, like his song break down ! it is really great it goes in the same direction like wuropean pop music, and it's mixed with english and ur?
  6. I like euro pop music.. rofl Ikr? Korean and Japanese music are fine too but dance and techno are my favorite genres.
    If just those two than Japanese > Korean ;D
    What's your favorite song?
  7. okey well i do not know the term bl, i just use the term yaoi well i like them too well but ostly i have read amnga with this genre
    reaaly? i think i will check it up the next time after the stupid school stress -.-
    do u like korean or japanese music?
  8. OMG the second most watched korean film is "The king and the clown" you should soo watch it! I saw it on netflix but like! It is sort of shounen-ai and the dude who plays as gong-gil is.. prettier than me and most girls i've seen xD It's really dramatic and historical because it's based off a real korean king (A crazy one). It isn't based off any manga or anime but it is still really really cool. BL means boy love btw :3.. Yaoi
  9. bl?? yeah i'm a year older yeah well i think for anime is only romance to boring cause anime is offering so may possibilities
    well so u have watched many historical drmas? well mostly i do not know but i do not really like it that much :/ but bishies are the best in mangas !!!
  10. I'm 15 and I mainly read BL manga because the anime's are weird.. But my fav type of anime is Fantasy/Action ^^
    I love the imagination although I also really love romance animes ;D Hetalia is also my favorite anime! I'm a huge fan of history so put history and cute boys together = BAMS!
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