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  1. yeah well then do not wonde about my english well i was born in germany and i never went to my home country, but in the easter holidays i will go there *excited* well i like especially romance shoujo mangas but also the josei mangas ! well considering the animes i like mostly teh action ones what bout u ?
    how old are u ?
  2. Yeah My entire family is Irish or British .. I've never went past the U.K! :c.. The world is so big past there!
    So what type of manga do you like to read? I've .. read way too much to be proud of <_<..
  3. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!! i get to know a european friend well my parents are from asia
    well just the mainstream one's mostly like one piece, fairy tail...
    haha cool
  4. Hehe we're both Europeans ^^, I heard alot of manga is sold in Germany
    Brownie?.. I guess i'm more like Egg Rolls *-*.. I wonder how we taste together
    Probably really really cool
  5. Hello
    well alright what about u ?
    yeah same goes from me, especially cause there so many people from america, i'm from europe
    yeah colour is good i'm a brownie ;D ;D
  6. Hello How are yee?
    I'm new here but love meeting new people
    Of all shapes and colors
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