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  1. I don't even remember what we were talking about before, sorry, lol.

    I'm not sure, I never created a group here before, but from what i've seen in most forums, you should be able to make one whenever you like.^^

    So how have you been buddy, and what's new?
  2. heeey,
    say do u know when u are able to create a group here??
  3. yeah well the show i watched about fake marriages between famous people^^ it was toooo funny
    wh strange? :O
  4. Uh yeah, well the show I watched was a dating show I think, and it was pretty funny, though a little strange.^^
  5. game show? well boys^^ surrounded by asian fans?
  6. Lol, yeah XDDD

    I haven't watched a talk show, but I watched a Korean game show once, because a friend of mine that just LOVES everything Korean sent me a link, so I watched, and it was okay.

  7. HUGE problem, believe me

    haha well but that happens pretty fast, but it's the same fo anime, manga and other shows ;D have u eve seen a koean tv show?

    i will potect ou genius philosophy^^
  8. Hahaha, yeah I guess that would be a problem XD

    That sounds interesting, and I hope to at least watch one K-drama before i die.^^ I used to really be into this one American soap opera, to the point that I was addicted, but now it's off the air, and i'm back to normal, well as close as I come to it.

    Hehe thanks, and I won't, just as long as you don't betray yours ^_~

    I hope you're able to find some new and interesting dramas.

  9. well hm it is rather a pob when u just like one drama, then it has around 15 ep and each goes 60+ min... then u can imagine it, that when u just look 2 dramas u have spent much time on them^^ but well i do not eally prefer asian actors, but there ae still some cool guys aound kim hyun joong for instance D
    i recommend you have fallen for me, playful kiss, and you are beautiful

    uhhh see even u can do it ;D D

    yeah i'm a very understandable person^^ but i warn u don't cheat on ou philosophy DD
    well i#m looking a bit aound, afaid to go on with the dramas
  10. Lol, I understand, and you're welcome xD

    Yeah, it's like every girl I talk to in the forums is getting hooked on these dramas, are they really that good?o.O

    Hehe, okay that DOES sound easy, and even in Dutch, the word for hello is the same.^^

    And i'm doing okay, just working, and doing some other stuff that's going to keep me pretty busy this month, so if I don't reply to you everyday, I hope you understand.^^ Other than that i've been getting a chance to chat with a couple of friends on Skype, before I go to bed, which is cool, and that's about it I think.
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