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  1. ahh nad this r key on my laptop is also annoying -.- thanks

    they ae goood for many things waah i'm getting addicted to k-dramas :O

    they are easy ones
    hello- Hallo.
    goodbye - Tsch?ss / Auf Wiedersehen.

    how are u doing these days?
  2. Sorry to hear that, but I know that you can handle it.

    And that's great, see I knew that anime and manga had to be good for something. You're welcome, and sorry to hear that.:/

    I don't even remember, lol.:P

    I don't know, maybe "hello" or "goodbye"?
  3. yeah woaaah and i'm feeling so dead -.- and now the exams ae stating diectly afte this stupid reseach paper -.- so damn annoying. well today i wote my english exam and i was able to use many words which i leant while watching anime o reading manga

    thanks but it was really bad :/ well nevemind

    why not much ? which words would u like to know?
  4. Wow, i'm so sorry to hear that, it sounds like your life is alot like mine, whatever can go wrong, usually does.:/

    I'm glad that you were still able to pull it off at the last minute, so good job

    What words could you teach me? Haha, I guess my weekend was a little bit better, but not much.^^

    Hey I was wondering, could you describe what you look like?
    I'm just curious.
  5. woooh u know what i really have no luck -.- see i worked the whole sunday till the moning to 6 o#clock on my reseach paper without sleeping.then i ate breakfast, wanted to print it out, and then they said my file was broken -.- my whole work was gone... i had to wite a new one in 7 hous today -.- waah i'm so tired and pissed -.-

    haha that is pretty bad to learn languages waah i can teach u a few words
    that is nice okey that is nice much better than my weekend -.- but well i have done the stupid repot instead of going to school ;D
  6. German's on the list of different languages I want to learn, but I don't know when i'll be able to get around to it.:/
    That too, and the fact that I can't focus on anything for too long.
    You better tell me
    My weekend's been okay so far, I got the chance to chat with a friend of mine in another forum, and i'm so tired from the chat.^^
    She's usually so busy with work, but when she finally does get on, her and I chat by sending visitor messages, private messages, and even chat at MSN, and we do that for hours, and our VMs and PMs are usually super long, so it's like getting a workout, lol!

    It's still fun though. *hugs back*
  7. okey then it's fine mr philosopher maybe u should german :*

    well cause of work and so on?
    hey do not make fun of me! i will tell u which mark i got

    how is ur weekend? *huuugs*
  8. That's okay, as long as I understand most of what you say it's all good.<3

    And thanks, and i'm glad I have you to count on.
    I know I have to focus, but it's not easy sometimes.^^
    Oh wow that's harsh, but I hope that you'be able to make the changes that need to be made, even if it takes another 6 hours.
  9. typical boys forget it :d i do not how to express it in english ;P

    yeah i'm always there fo u^^ xD

    oh well but then u have to focus
    yeah u can so well my exspectaion were swayed away. i have witten actually everything but becuase of my teacher i has to change many things and i have at least spent 6 hous fo that stupid paper -.- ans still no finishline in sight -.-
  10. Hehehe

    Actually I haven't a clue what you're saying, sorry.:/

    And lol, okay i'm sure that i'll be in need of a mobster favor someday.^^
    That's cool too^^

    The Swedish learning hasn't gone anywhere since I haven't exactly been practicing lately, but I hope to get back in it soon.
    Sorry about the paper that you have to write, and the cold, but i'm sure that the research paper is much worse.xD
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