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  1. yeah that's tue well it is also my enemy of everyday life -.-

    nope that is not true guys often look just more natural u know? and i actually prefer people who are easy dealing with the whole "good looking stuff" and just are chillers u know what i mean? well actually i have to be gay when i like guys o not?! *confused*

    so when u need mafia help just tell me

    i would say so too, like the school

    yeah that's cool how is ur swedisch learning going? any progress?

    i caught a cold and i have to finish my research paper this weekend -.-

  2. Yes time is our greatest enemy.:/

    Hehe, well girls just look better than guys, and I didn't think that you were gay. Lol, you and your mafia connections.

    Works going good I guess, I mean I feel a little sore, but I guess that's natural.

    And yes I have the computer along with internet now, but I still come to the library and use theirs until it closes, because i'm used to their computers, and the library is more of my home anyway.XD

    So how's school coming along for you?
  3. well i was so absorbed in that message and into the mafia world...
    actually i wanted to ask how is wok going? and u have already your computer at home? or still lingering aound in the libary
  4. hey u have to think positive, of course we are "super" xD yeah but that will change with the flow of time

    haha, well i already exspected it, but why not guys? i would say, laughter will make the world go around
    but do not misunderstand i'm not a lesbian, o bi D

    "our" ? sure. the 2nd, first one, is our occupation that we are philosophers
  5. I don't know about "super", but I guess we're still considered philosophers, even if many people don't listen to us.^^

    Lol, well girls DO make the world go round, at least my own "personal" world!xD

    Hehe, millions? Well i'm not sure about that, and lol, okay it's "our" secret.^^
  6. don't be that negative we ae THE super philosophers! ^^ well i do not think so

    well but i hought for u the girls make the world go around ;D xD

    yeah but u are the same, with u million of friends of course but psssst - it's TOP SECRET xD
  7. Haha well I guess that depends on who would be willing to listen to us. Now I doubt that many girls would want to listen to me, but i'm sure that you'd be able to attract alot of guys to our message.

    There's nothing wrong with thinking about your future because it's the smart people who make the world go round, even if it's the dumb ones that actually rule it.:/

    Well since you're the one with family everywhere, do you happen to have any "mafia" connections?
  8. okey? more joy alright, tell me when there ae some interested persons

    ^^ yeah too much^^ smart is good

    yeah what do u think?!
  9. Lol okay. We'll spread the new revolution of philosophy to the masses.xD

    Oh you're not the opposite, or you wouldn't be putting too much thought into your future.

    Connections? You make it sound like the mafia or something XD
  10. yeah why not the new ones : ranma and vishi

    ^^oh smart that is a good argument and u can say it is mature even when i'm really the opposite and i love cute things

    that's good connections uhhh
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