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  1. Lol, Philosophers? Us?

    I wouldn't quite say that, but I guess we do have a way of looking at things that others just can't understand. And it's not old to think about things like this, it's just smartxD

    Yep, i've met quite a few friends online, but I also know a few people offline that live in other countries.

    And that's awesome.
  2. well okey but i would say that comes along with "finding the path" haha we are really philosophs we sound like old geezers
    but u are right it's a good attitude for life, flexibility!!! like ur comment

    eah so u also have many friend in the whole world would u like go there?

    oh well me too
  3. Well I wouldn't say that "i'm on my path" since i've been pushed off of my path, many times.:/ So the only real advice I can give you is, expect the unexpected and plan for it. I know that planning for the unexpected might seem impossible, and you can't plan for everything, so that's why you have to be flexible. What I mean is even when plans are forced to change for you, don't let it get you down, just try to work with it the best you can.

    Australia? That's cool, I have a couple of friends that live there.^^

    And nope, I don't have any plans, just the same old same old.
  4. well that great it is not really :/ just not to waste my time, so i hope this year will be useful to find my path but it's cool when u are already on ur path like u right?
    some useful tips?

    yeah that is REALLY true my parents want me to send to sydney in australia after school for a couple of months, cause i can live with my relatives^^

    alright be well what's up? something special? *hugs*
  5. Wow, it sounds like you've really thought this out and I think that's great, keep it up! I'm sure that as you're trying to figure things out, your dreams for the future will constantly change depending on how things turn out, but I hope that you'll find where you fit in, so to speak.

    That's cool^^ it seems like you have family everywhere.XD

    Hehe, uh okay

    And I won't be able to get back on until Tuesday, so if you reply to this between now and then, i'll get back to you then. So i'll see ya *hugs* bye
  6. ^^well i'm pretty young^^ i will graduate from school with 17 so i want to go for a year to a foreign country for social activity or the concept of work and travel... and then decide where i want to study or work

    sweden is awesome! i have family there! too beautiful !

    okey well take good care of her
  7. Awesome!^^ So do you know where you're going to live at?

    Uh well I wanted to go to Italy, Sweden and then maybe England. Anywhere else i'm not really sure of right now, because it might be a few years before I can do all of that.

    I live with my mother, and we used to have a cat but now it's just us.^^
  8. just one year school left until i will leave house

    okey that's cool too goood point! nay clear destinations here?

    uhhhhhh what an inverstment. i'm so proud u live alone or u live with others together?
  9. That's because you're young, so you're expected to waste money.XD

    Nope, I haven't. The only other country i've been to is Canada, and that was only because it was right across the river from where I lived. But Germany is definitely on the list

    I'm doing alright, today I didn't do alot, but hey for me that's a good day. And next week we're supposed to be getting the internet, so I won't have to rely on coming to the library to get online. Than again, I actually enjoy being at the library, so I might just come during the day, then use my connection at home after the library closes.
  10. ;D well but my problem is that i like to tend to waste my money^^ well last summer i did not really understand where my money was^^

    yeah that's cool have u ever been in germany? have to come , it#s pretty nice

    ^^ what about u? how are u doing?
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