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  1. ahhh that's cooooool yeah that is good, well mostly i'm disappointed of movies when they are adapted to a great stoy, but this movie has so good critics
    well actually i wanted to go today, but i have my theatre group presentation and it was shit and headache the whole day -.-
  2. I love the hunger games. I'm so excited to see the movie. I read the books so its a given that i have to see the movie i'm actually going to watch it tommorow. . . I can't wait.
  3. i just read ur comment about hunger games do u like it? i#m planning to go to the cinema the next few days i'm thrilled!
  4. sorry for my late answer ! i'm getting hadly any time to come online for a long pan of time ;(
    really? already next week holidays? well my ones are starting with the start of april, one week left GREAT
    waaah i know what u mean, i have experiences it too many times, too -.- ;D
    i'm in a quite big mess because of my stupid unorganused theatre group -.-
    and u? :**
  5. vivi-chan!
    whats new?
    *at least 50 characters*
  6. wooow, you and i have the same type of luck
    my break comes in two weeks. i can't wait.
    but, i just found out that my uncle and his kids want to come over. don't get me wrong i love my uncle, but i would like to spend my break
    de-stressing - plus his kids are waaaay to loud!
  7. -.- yeah my file on my computer did not work in the moning had to do a new one in 7 hous^^ my super luck -.-
    well my topic was okey, well i had to wite 20 sheets^^
    oh, well when is ur beak? i have 3 weeks until holidays
  8. that sucks, i hate doing research papers.
    not only do teachers make them extreamely long, they also pick the most annoying topics to write them on
    i've been crazy busy lately. i'm just excited for our next break to come already!
  9. yeah much is going on? what's up?
    i know that problem^^
    quite good but i'm woking on my eseach paper for school recently -.-
  10. heya!
    sorry for the late reply again :P
    gosh, my computer is annoying me lately....
    how are you?
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