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  1. yosh i will call u yuuki or so?
    well school -.- what about u? what dya doing?
    cheerful is good, same like me
  2. *~~~* vivi-chan *~~~*
    how've you been -- this at least 50 character thing is killing me...
  3. vivi it is i don't mind any nickname you guys give me. i only know who to give people nicknames. if by cheerful you mean always thinks positively, then yes - i'm cheerful
    oh and, btw means 'by the way'
  4. what oes btw means? say you are a cheerful person? haha sounds good how should i call u ?
  5. lol btw, can i give you a nickname? i always give my friends nicknames....maybe vi-vi or something
  6. yeah well currently i'm pretty often online, but let's see how long it will last me too nice to meet ya
  7. heya thanks for accepting my friend invite, i've been meaning to message you but i've been so out of it lately. anyway, hope we can be good friends.
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