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  1. Okay, I know that it's hard responding to me on time when you're spending so much time in detention. xD We do have conventions, but none of them are near me, and besides i'd rather go to one with you my princess.

    Lol, now why don't I believe you on that?

    Hey I just wanted to let you know that I joined a new forum, and it's nice.^^
  2. hey sorry for the late response (school =.=) n yup haha and u should see if they have an conventions in your state cause I'm sure they do and hey i haven't gotten in any fights yet .... I SWEAR!!! *^*
  3. Thanks, at long last I have a princess again <3
    Oh cool, I wish that I could have went, but all of the good conventions are in your state and not mine. D:

    Lol I can believe that.;P
  4. oooooooo im sorry to hear that but yea i can be your princess for awhile, if u would like ^^ ! lol and its not an odd request i think its funny and nice XD n comic con was soooo amazing~ so many celebrities and anime and crazy stuff XP n hey i dont love fighting, im just good at it ;P - and actually i havent gotten in any fights at school so
  5. Yes you are , and uhh well I recently sort of lost the girl that used to be my "princess", so I was wondering if you could be my princess for awhile?^^ I know it's an odd request, but i'll go crazy without someone to protect. :/

    Oh cool, how was comic con? And thanks^^
    Well as long as you don't get into any fights in school you'll be okay, but I know it's hard since you LOVE fighting, lol xD
  6. bahhahah lol n wooo im a princess!!!! XP n yes my summer was awesome- i traveled, relaxed, went to comic con and other stuff! ooo n im sorry to hear that well i hope things turn out better for u and school is stressful but im getting through it so yea xD
  7. Oh well I guess I should feel honored to have you greeting me after making me wait to hear for you for months princess. *bows* So I take it that summer vacation was action-packed for you, like parties, explosions, and lots of cops, LOL :P

    The past few months for me haven't been all that good, like a few days ago my lawn mower broke down on me, (which is the third one this year) and I got back stabbed by a friend in another forum, and right now I think I have an inner ear infection. :/

    So how's school going?^^
  8. actually decided to say "hi" and been busy - summer ended =.= and my second year of high school started and just a whole bunch of stuff ya know, so yea life is busy ....... n how have u been Mr. Ranma
  9. Let me guess, bored again?xD

    So what brings you back to the forum after being gone for months? O_O
  10. ................................................,. .... Sup Bro
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