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  1. o wow big time difference and n no i dont have a boyfriend right now.....
  2. Haha great, and remember that you're 3 hours behind me, so midnight for me is another hour and a half from now.

    So tell me Violet, do you have a boyfriend?
  3. thats ok i do that too and i could stay up tonight till 3 in the morning but i might do something tomorrow so i might go to bed at midnight so idk but if it was any other day i would be up till 1 or 3
  4. LOL that's awesome!xD

    Well cat girl, how much longer can you stay on tonight? (and sorry if my responses are taking so long, i'm also replying to a PM)
  5. hmmmm i may be part cat because I always fall asleep during the day( i curl up when i sleep like a cat too XD) and at night im like wide awake and i haz ninja reflexives and i haz really good eyesight at night but idk ..........n thanks
  6. Oh thanks, and it's a beautiful name, much better than vkitty, unless you're really a cat, are you?o.O
  7. so u wanna no my really name , its Violet, and u can call me vkitty still if u want to
  8. Haha okay and thanks

    So what's your real name, because I doubt that people call you "vkitty"?^^
  9. Your name is Stan, wow i would have never guessed teehee and yes u are forgiven XD
  10. I take it you've forgiven me, and you're welcome.

    Actually it's only Ranma at a couple of other forums and my chatango profile, but my real name is *drumroll*............................Stan
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