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  1. i dont no how to respond,,,,,,,,,,,, OK thanks for the roses!!!! and is ur name really Ranma????
  2. Lol, well I didn't want to argue with you, only chat, so i'm sorry that I brought it up.:/ *gives you some roses*

    Please forgive me^^
  3. OMG im so done with this argument , hfeagsuvyiho bfgovyucfqyuiwbvgfdyuvwFKICAFUKSKVKSYFELVIFOtyufdi ysgw4t27n9-gt3 9278o82t
  4. Okay these "creators" of yours admit that most Yaoi is created for the sex and the sex alone, so I haven't a clue how it's not perverted, and what is all that other stuff you're talking about?o.O
  5. u no wat......................ur face is gay porn XD lol, n I'm serious, not all yaoi is perverted and i will never reach a point where i will stop watching anime and ur wrong because the creators for all those yaoi mangas or series are way older than u think and i no that cause i looked it up so.......HA :P
  6. Uh it's gay porn, how does watching and reading it NOT make you a pervert?;P
    And yeah "some" guys do like Yuri, but unlike them I don't read or watch porn, animated or otherwise.^^'

    And most girls that are older than you have reached the point where they're not so eager to throw out there that they watch it anymore, so eventually you'll reach that point.
  7. huh??? wait just a minute, plenty of older gurls then the ages of what u said like yaoi ......n not all of us are perverts (dudes just dont like yaoi because it makes them feel uncomfortable, and u no lots of dudes really enjoy yuri, so i would not be talking)
  8. I figured that you were around the age you are, from the way you act, and how addicted to Yaoi you are, because only girls between the ages of 13 and 16 are that pervy.xD

    It's not that big of a number, at least compared to the age of the universe itself.
  9. idk how old u thought i was XD lol and coolio 27 thats a big number lol XD
  10. Lol, and what makes you say that, how old did you think that I THOUGHT you were?^^'

    And yes, i'm really 27, even if I don't quite look it.
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