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  1. Ok u really wanna no how old I am....I'm 15 XD u weren't thinking that were u teehee are u really 27??? :P
  2. For me if the food is good that's all that matters.

    So uh if you don't mind me asking too much, just how old are you?^^'
  3. bahahhahaa lol ok!!! and u dont seem very picky when it comes to food ....thank god, cause lots of my other friends are n im like f u guys!!!XD
  4. :O *drools*

    It's settled I want you to cook for me from now on, because I love all of those things.
  5. i can bbq an meat, make a cake w/ the one piece flag on it (**** yeah!!...btw i made a that cake for my friend who is obsessed w/ one piece), n i can make normal cake, i can also make curry, cookies, lasagna, salsa, pancakes, tamales, ok i can make more but I'm too lazy to type the rest so meh
  6. Hehe alright, and cool.

    So since you're a "person", what do you know how to cook?
  7. WEll here in California, people know how to COOK so i don't what ur talking boutXD and im 2 hrs away from disneyland and yeah I've been to florida
  8. Who exactly are these "lot of people" that you're referring to since most people I know don't know how to cook?

    Well i'm originally from Michigan, but now i'm living in Florida, only 2 hours from Disney World.
  9. yeah lots of people doXD but since im kinda lazy i dont always but meh, so where on the east coast are u from??
  10. Whoa, you know how to cook? :O
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