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  1. Oh so you're not ADD, you're just Bi Polar xD

    So what did you do today?
  2. idk really.......i have scary ass bitch fits sometimes for no reason n that just happened w/ me n my fwend like a while ago XD
  3. Why are you in such a bad mood ?
  4. I think i can handle it w/out u for a while (im not trying to be a bitch and i no that sounds bitchy but im in a shit mood rite now) XD
  5. XD Okay do you want me to send you my email address before I leave, or do you think that you'll be able to hold up for awhile without me?
  6. lol its true XD and no way.... you' ll be back on this forum sooner or later teehee that i know XD
  7. Lol, the strangest thing is, I almost believe you ;P and okay that makes sense now.

    Hey Violet, i'm going to be taking a break for foruming for a while, maybe a week or two or longer. So this is pretty much the last day i'm going to be on here, and I felt like you should know.^^
    But if you have an MSN or Skype account you could probably still get in touch with me, since i'll still be checking them from time to time throughout the day.
  8. no i went and ate some souls, teehee, n know i wasn't watching jaws and they didn't show that scene on tv, it was on youtube XD
  9. Wow you didn't get back on for like 6 hours after your last message, so either you have a family the size of a small army, or you had to actually grow and or kill your ingredients for the dinner you made for them.o.O

    And wow I didn't know that they showed such graphic scenes on the news, are you sure you weren't watching Jaws or something?
  10. o sorry i had to make dinner for my lazy ass family lol and i saw the shark attack on tv and i was like holy shit ....the shark literally tore the guy straight in half and i was like a hell no im not going to the beach for awhile
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