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  1. i couldn't audition for voice acting w/ out laughing at myself XD
  2. Hey you never know, maybe if one of the voice directors are there, they just might want you to audition for a part.
  3. yeah well whatever.........i hope to see um again this year teehee
  4. That's awesome, and they kind of had to be nice, since you're a fan.
  5. XD

    COOL! How long ago was that ?
  6. bahahahhaahah lol suck it, the second year i went i met the DBZ VOICE ACTORS!!! :P
  7. XD You get confused easily. :P

    That's cool, i'm not sure if we have that here but if we do most likely it doesn't happen anywhere near me.
  8. wtf??? Im very confused by ur last message and yes i am going this will be my third year going XD
  9. Awesome! Are you going?

    Ummm well, you don't want to know, lol
  10. right now......I'm looking at the comicon guest list to see celebrities who are going.....u?
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