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  1. So what are you doing right now ?
  2. Lol xD
  3. a sandwich........ i was too lazy to make anything else
  4. Obviously from looking at your profile at a couple of messages you left yourself, it seems that you were a bit "bored", hehe, but it's good that you've downgraded to "somewhat".

    So what did you make, food wise I mean?
  5. nope I'm some what bored and meh idk.......bleh imma make some food
  6. Nothing much, just watching some anime

    So how are you doing, still bored?xD
  7. Well hello there.......... ...........wats up?
  8. Lol hello
  9. bahhahahhahhahahhahahahhahahahahaahahahahahahahaha haha ......omg i knew some stuff like this was gonna happen between u and me, omg well thanks n *hugs* n bye or i should say night
  10. Well that wasn't too bad, I mean who actually goes around spelling the word ghetto, so you could have told her.o.O

    Hey it's been a really "interesting" evening i've had with you Violet, and I hope tomorrow evening will be just as interesting, but with less arguing.

    And it's too bad that you're not a little older, so that I could have been hitting on you all this time, lol, jk^^

    Talk to you later, see ya *hugs* bye
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