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  1. yes very evil, and some blondes are very dumb( no joke, but not me), this one blonde at my school was like how do u spell ghetto n i looked at her n i was like r u stupid, u should no since u live in one n she was like I'm serious how do u spell it n im like ahahah im not telling u and she got up n asked the teacher n the teacher threw a dictionary at her n i was like bahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahah
  2. Hey i'm not proud of looking like a jerk, but I can't do anything about that.:/

    Honestly, I haven't a clue, I mean i used to gain 10 extra pounds every once in awhile, but I would lose the weight just as quickly as I got it, so I think it's just water weight, but I don't think that i've sweat enough to lose it.

    And yes it was "evil" of you to ask, but you're blonde and as we all know, blondes are evil, lol.:P
  3. OMG!!!!! wow i did not think u would look like tiger woods, i cant get an image of what u would look like XP ( i dont no if thats a good thing to look like tiger woods since people hate him now) XD and how did u gain 30 pounds??? teehee im just asking cause u said not to and very evil i no
  4. Now what ever gave you that impression?xD

    Wow okay thanks, and there's nothing wrong with a girl being short or skinny.

    Hmm i'm 5'8, I used to be an average weight but a few months back I gain about 30 pounds and don't ask me how since I didn't change what I ate in the least.
    I've been told that i look a little like Tiger Woods, and I have brown hair wth a little bit of red in it, and I have mostly brown eyes with a tiny bit of blue in them, and I wear glasses.
  5. i had a feeling u were gonna ask lol, im blonde w/ brown eyes, kinda short and skinny.......u?
  6. Bulma was funny xD

    So could you describe what you look like? just curious^^
  7. lol but i like evil people but i like how bulma harassed him XD
  8. Wow that's pretty cool, all I did for Cartoon Network was harass them into putting new episodes of DBZ on back in 99.^^

    Awesome and Vegeta was okay, even though he was a douche that tried to kill his whiny kid from the future.
  9. yes i was on there commercial but only for like 8 secs n im dancing randomly dressed up like fionna the human becuase they told me to n my fav character from dbz is vegeta
  10. You were?:O

    It's hard to pick a favorite but if I had to choose it would be Gohan, because he was the man even when he was only 6 years old.xD
    Who's your favorite?
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