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  1. LOL yeah cartoon network sucks ass now ,,,,, wait except for adventure time that shit is amazing XD I was on a commercial for that show at comicon XD N yes i share the same luv for dbz as u do and who is ur fav character??
  2. Wow O_O LOL XD
    I was a HUGE DBZ fan, in fact that was the one series in that country that had a waiting list as long as the country itself when it came to new episodes coming out on video. That series made Cartoon Network what it is today, but now they suck beyond words.:/
  3. I started when i was 5 or 6 when i saw a commercial for dragonball z on cartoon network and then i watched the whole thing...literally i would come home and finish my spelling worksheets as fast as i could and then run to my tv and watch and then it became an obsession and i have a bunch of high school friends who watch anime as well or read manga, actually during the summer im gonna stay at my friend's house for a whole week and the entire time we are going to watch anime as much as we can and then go to a park near by and watch the sun come up at like 4 in the morning and then run to her 7 eleven n get shit and run back and watch......omg im probably gonna dieXD
  4. Okay, and i've seen Blood +, it's alright.

    So how long ago was it that you first started watching anime?
  5. yeah i will get to them once i finish this anime that im almost done with it really good its called blood plus
  6. Hey I said that I didn't read or watch porn, I didn't say that I wasn't perverted.:P

    And you're right, it's hard not to be a little perverted in this world, but it doesn't mean that we can't fight against it.
    So did you ever get a chance to check out those anime series I suggested to you?
  7. wow n u were saying that u weren't a pervert ha!!! but wtf almost everyone is a pervert so bleh:P
  8. Okay and wow that DOES suck.

    Years ago I would have LOVED if my parents put me in an all girl's school, even though my grades would have been suffering since I doubt that i'd be paying attention to what was being taught.:P
  9. thats ok i will just have to talk to u latr wen u fall asleep and I'll let u no why i dont have a boy friend ......i go to an all girls high school and it sucks ass
  10. Yes it is, and sorry to tell you this, but I might be going to sleep at midnight here, because I haven't been sleeping too well lately.:/

    Oh that's too bad, but i'm sure you'll find someone someday, if he hasn't already found you that is.
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