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  1. I do not sry =( just dont like facebook haha, have a myspace i never check these days but thats about it :P
  2. Do you have a facebook? My name is Angela Lee Woods if you want to add me.
  3. what happened if you dont mind me asking? i jsut got surgery myself bit ago nothin major but still :P dam appendix. I watched first episode have a long list of to see animes haha but i enjoyed it ^.^ actualy one of the first animes thats mainly about a girl kinda wierd ive never realy watched one with girl as main character. not that im sexist haha good anime is good anime. i hope i can keep watching it i usualy get over my head with shows and some fall to the back i need a list >=(
  4. Did you like Blood+? I haven't been online for 4 days. I had surgery done. They said that I needed to stay in bed until today.
  5. i am well thanks for asking. havnt watched many vampire animes only hellsing which was awesome! il watch blood+ tonight with my bro haha ^.^
  6. How are you? I am doing well. Yes. It is about vampires.
  7. kool i will have to check it out thanks for the recommendation. guessing its bout vampires? :P
  8. I found a few websites with Blood+ on it. You can watch it at,, or
  9. I love to watch Blood+. Only some websites have it. I tried finding it before. I don't remember what website it was that I found it. I'll look it up and let you know what website it was.
  10. kool hope you like it, ya i know what you mean mine works sometimes then other times its just hates me and goes slow but like you said at least it works. Got any anime suggestions for me? i love finding new shows
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