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  1. I'll try to watch an episode of Air gear tonight. Some times it works on my computer, sometimes it doesn't. My computer is very slow. Usually it skips every time I watch something on it. I hate my computer, but at least it works.
  2. nice list =) i havnt started brotherhood yet me and my bro have been meaning too haha. sucks high school of the dead ended was short but mite be coming back dont know yet. If you havnt watched Air gear may i suggest you look it up some time ^.^ my fave anime i love it haha
  3. My faves are Naruto shippuuden, Inuyasha, Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Alchemist brotherhood, Bleach, Code Grass, and Blood+. I also like Gundam wing, Tri-gun and high school of the dead.
  4. hello ^.^ my names Adam. lets see some of my tops faves atm are Air Gear, Fairy tail, Bleach, Naruto shippuden, one piece, high school of the dead, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, baki the grappler, shoot fighter tekken, kenichi the mightiest diciple, full metal alchemist, heero man, any gundam series (not seed tho), and many more haha theres so many to htink of im forgetting alot i know that haha . what are yours?
  5. Hello! My name is Angela. What are your favorite animes?
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