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  1. so whats up what happen to you it been an age sence you post
  2. these is the link you first must pm my you character as it says in these link ok
  3. i came back early dont tell and also ummm what is the link for new bleach rpg????
  4. iv been having trouble getting the story approved so before i put my Lt. down i want the game to get stated. ha what do you think of the story plot for the rpg?
  5. o yea umm for the bleach rpg who's your lieutenant??????
  6. dont mind that i took care of him he made a new one that is now better and that is to rpg rule standerd. I'll send you a profile^^
  7. awesome thnx and also dont you think that grimmjow should not god mod he is a shinigami with a cero seriously he has no weakness either
  8. wait for the go ahead to post it from the chief until then we have to wait. oh ha i change the story a little tell me what you think of it and if it need little or more and if you now a good plot to go off of to.
  9. hey whats up with bleach rpg we ever gonna actually post for it ????
  10. if you go to my rpg i made it has it all, go to Bleach: The 14th Squard of the Seireitei in the RPG Idea Thread
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