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  1. thats awesome kenpachi is one of my faves to and how he doesnt even know his zanpakuto yet and he is a captain is sweet but ulquiorra is my most favorite, grimmjow is my second fave, kenpachi is third, and byakuya is fourth oh yea if you had a zanpakuto and bankai how would you make it??
  2. Kenpachi is always the first on my list and from there its Ichigo, Rukia, Renji, Yachiru, Shunsui, Rangiku i love her^^ these are me top 6 that are my gods the others are just like able characters.
  3. who's ur favorite bleach characters??? .
  4. visard i like not to have a hole on me boby thank^^LOLOLOLOL
  5. never mind i can read it now but still arrancar or vizard?
  6. yea i like bleach and i cant read all of your post on my profile my comp sucks i can get on other ppls profiles just not mine all the time can u send me a private message of what u were asking also which side do u like more arrancar or vizard?
  7. Are you a bleach lover do you dream of chopping people in piece then come to are rpg where we give you things and people it kill in "Bleach: The 14th Squad of the Seireitei"
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