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  1. sounds like a plan..i can call anytime i want right..
  2. ok, dawn it don't try calling towmerow because ill be at my mom's wedding for the full day if your going to call.
    call me at monday ok
  3. i said its not a good idea b cuz u r a boy..n if my mom heard a male's voice she will think negative..n will get mad at i think i should call u..but not just at 3..okay...
  4. giv me a time to call you please?
    if its not too much of a buther to you
  5. um....wat do u mean..i have no idea wat u r trying 2 say..srry..
  6. fin then what time is it there i want to now so we can talk for reallys girlly ^^ thats is ok right :P
  7. i'm 16..wat does dat have 2 do wit anything btw..n dnt worry this house cn go long distance 4 a low price....
  8. ok thats cool but one how old are u? ya, seens your in florda and im in washington state that could be a problem there!!><
  9. i know...there;s only one problem..y 3 o'clock i usually go 2 sleep at dat tyme b cuz i'm usually we rearrange da time please..
  10. thanks for the heads up you know this could be cool if u think about:P^^
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