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  1. sorry walter i sent you two of the same pm's. my computer shut down and i didn't think the 1st one went through.
  2. your all clear im going ot tell every one and oh under your Appearence put Hollow Mask and give details of what it looks like if you want put a pics if you can find one.
  3. Hey walter did i fill out the character thing right for Ryu's new power?
  4. HAHAHAHA! Im laughing my ass off on that one^^. also i need the same thing as Fang asked answered but i want to be human.
  5. kyo from my if the name of a the main character in samurai deep kyo he kicks ass a demon god samurai that goes around beating and kicking everyone ass >< if your still alive after that he make you become he's servent. and to boot he's an ass to the ladies the dircet opposite of my^^
  6. Hey walter i noticed you like to use the name kyo alot when rping. any reason? just curious.
  7. well good luck with that. Hope it don't happend too often. Question would would you buy a chevrolet camero or viper? the reason i asked is i might get one^^
  8. true in some ways but it still doesn't help that my little brother comes in my room asking for something twenty four seven man.><
  9. OUCH! don't u hate when that happends? But look on the bright side at least u got good rest as a result...right?
  10. im tird as hell man i been doing along of thing with my family and go out partying and now it seem to have catch up to me now.^^
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