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  1. Yeah I know you wont just hand that out, but i just want to see you use one.
  2. wait wait comdown I like to get to doing some vizard mode to but you got to work for it man and thats now joke but im going to be unlucking some thing but it a surprise ^^ evil laugh AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAMHHMHMHMAMMAHMHM!!!!!
  3. Hey have you unlocked anymore races in the bleach rpg yet, cause i can't wait for vizards (my favs)
  4. you got it captian my captian lol.... just about to post.
  5. say you got knock out be the lighting bolts that attack you earlier and Urahara was kind anfor to help you out with you were unconsesis or something like that^^
  6. Sounds good man, anything i need to know or say why my character couldn't make it back.
  7. go for it man i got no problem but if your going back then your charater is at Urahara Shop because you couldn't make it back to seireitai in time ok but ever one expect Sadie and Ryu are coming your way to meet Ichigo and the others where following Chad now.
  8. Hey walter is it still alright if i rejoin your bleach rpg.
  9. yeah just tell me where i can jump in...................
  10. dont worry man yes it was a little hard for me to do it will only darkninja being online but it worked out in the end we got a new person to join in but i dont think working when school starts up for me at the college mna but im glad you pm me so are you still going to do it or not?
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