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  1. Hey walter how have you been. Sorry if i caused some problems in your rpgs, for not being on in a while.
  2. Hey dude would you mind looking at my new rpg Dragon Ball Z.
  3. ok that cool and i uderstand so i like for you to do two things one the tests i sent you one being you start of from A1-A7 and finish at G1-G7 making your path and another is i need you to tell me a horrorible nightmare that your character would go throw then second post at the rpg your character and what he's doing were in the middle of a thrid Lt. screaming at the group that it blow some of the reapers out the room and now she is apleaching to you will for some reseen she's mad!!!!!!! but with a smile! ok good luck!
  4. Yeah I am.... sry I haven't been on my computer has been down for a few days.
  5. ha man still haven't heard from you in a will man what up? hope your ok i got ever thing set for the bleach let me now if your stiil doing it ok
  6. Yeah i saw that i was just about to go there read up and then edit my guy.
  7. ha man hav ent heard from you in a will man what up? oh i sent you a pm about the new bleach i had to remake with the chief ok.^^
  8. it up man, go my child of darknes go and rip the hearts of man with ur sword and hand go HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHaLOL^^
  9. Don't forget to put a charcter sheet on your bleach post so people know what to go by.
  10. Yeah I am glad someone is doing a bleach rpg that is my fav anime. (Hollow Ichigo)
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