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  1. it's no problem =^,^=
    but its good that you got a newone :P
  2. Ha, long time no see hope your doing well sorry for not being on for so long my computer crashed but i got a new one for Xmas last year ^^
  3. im a boy, but it's fun to play as a girl sometimes^^
    is it a special reason that you ask?..
  4. ha i dont remember asking you these but are you a girl or boy in real
  5. not right now...
    i'am not the biggest fan of bleach either...
    but maybe i will join later, if it posible...
  6. ha do you like bleach if so fang and the other friends and people we now are doing a rpg come join please.
  7. kim must be the first to join my rpg please please please puppy dog eye 0.0!!!^^
  8. He Isn't to drunk. He is just careful with his life.
    I don't think he will do anything to risk his life.
    He's maybe afraid to die..
  9. that cool with me i was just truing to go somewhere fun but your to ddrank to do anything!!!^^
  10. hillo...
    i will just say that Kim don't wan't to be rude, but we don't want to risk his life...
    i hope both you and kenshu understand that^^
    He can be pretty random when he's drunk:P
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