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  1. Oh you will see me around, just that I have more on my plate to deal with that provents me from getting involved in to much stuff. But as I said before, I will always respond to messages and mail.
  2. thank man if for telling me that, im truly glad that said that to me now i know not to buther you about the rpg.
    But it really is terrible thing to be happening now. i still need characters for the game but the friends and people i know are playing 5 or 6 rpgs at these time.
    So im glad again that your ok and doing well i hope best of luck my friend from time onward.
    Hope to see u around ok talk to u later if possible XP: :
  3. Unfortunetly I will be unable to participate do to work as well as trying to find my self a place and the necesities are demanding more of my time, I already practicly had to drop from another RPG. But thats life. I can pop in every now and then here on AO and respond to messages and stuff but I can't spend much time on decent and well thought out plots for a charactor. Sorry man.
  4. ha man i wanted to tell you that i changed that rpg i little ok so go see it when you have the time.
    cool be seeing u around LOL
  5. thank id really be happy if you did give me any feedback you my have about it on the post!!^^
  6. Yeah, I will take a peack into it and see how it all plays out.
  7. HA i now these is sudden but i GOT A RPG made and if your in to it then please look at its called Last Drive to Honor: Grand Awaking of Darkness
  8. Alright sure, I am cool with that... Expecialy the take over the world part.
  9. be a rpg masster my friend and you willl rule the WWWWWWWOOOOOOORRRRRRLLLLLLDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!! MOHAHAMOAHAH!!!!!!!!!
    OH!! lets be friends^^
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