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  1. go to your user cp then click on your forum jump scroll down to RPG Ideas from there it should be at the top.
  2. hay why don't you make one I would like to see it man.So what do u say
  3. never mind I found it when serching for so never mind about telling where
    it is
  4. ya I'll join, but this is kinda embaressing but can you tell were to go please?
  5. okay just send right over if it sounds interesting I'll tell u right away
  6. ok good i have a rpg that me and a group of friends are starting want to join it called
    Last Drive to Honor: Grand Awaking of Darkness ill send you pm to you that has every thing about it. LOL^^
  7. yes i know what a rpg is it's a role playing game okay
  8. ha man i wanted to ask do you like rpgs and do you now what a rpg is.
  9. yeah what is up man,what is your question for today my friend
  10. hi u what up ar u cool today or hot XP i just got back on so im saying hi and i have a
    question for u!:P
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