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  1. I work at Wal Mart now, stocking shelves over night. The pays better than my last job by a good dollar and the people are pretty cool
  2. thanks i have been busy myself with work and Training.
  3. Doing pretty good actually. I now have a full time night shift job at Wal Mart. I hope they keep me too. Happy belated by the way. So how are you doing?
  4. heya Buddeh

    Been awhile eh, how ya doin', I hope fine.
  5. Hey1 How is everything going with you? I'm fine myself.
  6. I actually think very highly of Buddhists. All the ones I've met have been kind and courteous to the Nth degree.
  7. birthday boy eh,

    My birthday is coming up in a month, I can't wait! I get to buy M-rated games
  8. Yeah, all though its my buddhist nature and laws, not to kill them. I just threw my bed away.
  9. Yeah, i had a Bed bug Problem before. Got rid of them before they managed to Lay a ton of eggs.
  10. really don't let em, bite. They are hard to get rid of.
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