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  1. Oh thank god, at least someone does... If I'm able to keep up with it and know what's happening then sure. ^^ I'll be apart of it.
  2. well i post short summarys so u wont be left behind and thats fine are u willing to join its called Quest To The Wastelands
  3. I was once in an RPG and I was okay at it but sometimes I leave for days at a time and end up coming back, not knowing what happened so I tend not to do them.
  4. hey are u an rper? my name is wasted and i was wondering if ur an rper
  5. Thanks Jamie i have treads in ooc where u can add ur character or what not and thanks u will have fun
  6. Sure, I'll join if you want me to.

    Mine is brokenlover101 as you can tell but you can call me Jamie, everyone else does.
  7. Wanna join my rp? It's called Quest To The Wastedlands.. And my name is Wasted nice to meet ya
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