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  1. O wow thanks tho i got some ppl in the rp but not sure im still new to this thanks tho bye
  2. Thanks a lot man i did an ooc for my rp check it out for me please i want to know if i did it right but i gotta go now see ya later
  3. dude holly crap it im sorry to tell you this but the rp you made has to be in rpg ideas then you have to wait till 5-10 people join then you make a occ thread and character sheet in occ chat then you make the rpg thread in the rpg forum.
  4. one reminder first click on forums then go to ooc chat then if there are any rps you would like to join click on it but make sure it says character sheet or character whatever then copy paste what it says then well then go to rpg forum then find the rp you signed up for and well just have fun!if you need anymore help please tell me i would love to help members of ao
  5. Umm hey my name is Wasted i was wondering if u want to join my rp its called Quest To The Wastedlands
  6. hey i saw your post on the sonic occ thread and you can join but what do you mean by view it.
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