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  1. It's in the rules. You might want to check because they may have changed it.
  2. O wow congrazt and how many post do i need to get a custom avi?
  3. Well in the rules it says you have to have a certain amounts of posts to customize your avi. As for what I do I'm mainly on myspace. I come on here to talk to old friends if they are on. When I'm not on here I'm taking care of my son and myself since I'm pregnant.
  4. O wow so ur multi tasking and rping? What do u do for fun online? And do u know how to make ur avatar a custom?
  5. No problem thank you Ky... Can u get anyone else to join?
  6. Hey i have an rp it's called Quest To The Wastelands if u want to join it feel free thanks btw im Wasted
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